What if I need more than once a week? Let’s talk levels of care

One of the things I mentioned briefly in the Therapy 101 series was if more than one session a week is needed. That deserves a bit more description and attention. When we think about counseling, there’s one of two things most people seem to consider: either a weekly appointment or going every single day (likeContinue reading “What if I need more than once a week? Let’s talk levels of care”

Counseling: A balance of comfort and discomfort

I think one of the hardest balances to strike within counseling is the one between comfort and discomfort. On the one hand, I want you to feel safe – that you’re able to share the things that you need to in the counseling process. This may take some time (and that’s okay!) but should beContinue reading “Counseling: A balance of comfort and discomfort”

I think I’m at a good place. What now?

So we come to the end (ish) of the Therapy 101 series. We’ve gone through before and during therapy – but, as I’ve said, I don’t see therapy as being an ongoing for-the-rest-of-your-life thing. Rather, I see counseling as something we may go into and out of throughout our life when things become difficult andContinue reading “I think I’m at a good place. What now?”

After the first appointment… what now?

You’ve completed the consultation and intake appointment. Often, clients want to know “What’s next?” What are regular sessions like? Know that this will differ from counselor to counselor. We’ve all got our own styles and way we do things. It can also be influenced by the counseling theory we use for understanding what helps people.Continue reading “After the first appointment… what now?”

What about that first appointment?

When you’re thinking about your first appointment, there are two “kinds” of first appointments – a consultation and an intake. While I’ve talked a little bit about this in What to Expect, I’ll cover both in today’s Therapy 101 post. But first, some things to consider before that first appointment. How do you best workContinue reading “What about that first appointment?”