Counseling: A balance of comfort and discomfort

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I think one of the hardest balances to strike within counseling is the one between comfort and discomfort. On the one hand, I want you to feel safe – that you’re able to share the things that you need to in the counseling process. This may take some time (and that’s okay!) but should be part of the overall experience of counseling.

But, my job is not necessarily to make you comfortable all the time because change is hard. Change is anything but comfortable at times. And yet, the discomfort of whatever brought you into counseling is what we’re trying to change, right

It’s something to consider as you look for a counselor. What do you need to find that kind of balance? To find the courage to get uncomfortable with new behaviors, thoughts, feelings because the ones you’re used to aren’t working anymore?

It’s about finding the ways to practice your new skills – including taking care of yourself when things are hard! – so what we’re working on becomes a “new normal.” New habits. New behaviors. New thoughts. New feelings.

Want to see if working together might help you step into your new normal? Contact me or set up a free 15 minute consultation.

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