What if I need more than once a week? Let’s talk levels of care

One of the things I mentioned briefly in the Therapy 101 series was if more than one session a week is needed. That deserves a bit more description and attention. When we think about counseling, there’s one of two things most people seem to consider: either a weekly appointment or going every single day (likeContinue reading “What if I need more than once a week? Let’s talk levels of care”

Insurance and mental health: Some of what you need to know…

Note: All of this is general information. Your best bet is always to call your own insurance carrier to verify benefits and get providers they have on file who take your insurance. One of the things that you may be wondering about AIPC (and counseling in general) is if you can use your health insuranceContinue reading “Insurance and mental health: Some of what you need to know…”

Counseling: A balance of comfort and discomfort

I think one of the hardest balances to strike within counseling is the one between comfort and discomfort. On the one hand, I want you to feel safe – that you’re able to share the things that you need to in the counseling process. This may take some time (and that’s okay!) but should beContinue reading “Counseling: A balance of comfort and discomfort”

Why “an intentional pause”?

I’ve gotten a number of questions as to “why an intentional pause”? For so many of us, the moment between something happening and our reaction is next to nothing. We blow up, we check out, we do something that later we look back and go, “That was so not me!” One of the biggest thingsContinue reading “Why “an intentional pause”?”