Why would I want to go to therapy?

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You’ve been thinking about how life could be different. Things you want to change, areas of growth, or situations/reactions that are just. not. working anymore.

Or maybe, it feels like everything has exploded and you don’t even know where to start, but you don’t want to stay in the yuck.

We have a lot of ways to deal with these situations. Friends, family, Facebook. Why would you want to go to talk to a stranger?

One of the most powerful parts of therapy/counseling is that the person sitting across from you not only has training in helping people experiencing LOTS of different things, but your counselor is not intimately involved in your every day life. One of the frequent comments clients have shared with me is that “it helps you don’t know me.”

It’s a fine line. As a counselor, I care deeply for my clients, but their choices are their own. If you’ve been thinking about counseling, what would it be like to work with someone who cares about your well-being, but is also separate from your life? Someone who doesn’t have already-formed judgments about you or what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do?

Counseling and therapy can help you make the changes that you want to make in your life – with yourself, with others. Counseling can help you find the pieces and create a new view of things.

Have you been wondering how you can find pause? How you can find change? Contact me or schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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