What to Expect

First, major kudos to you for beginning the search to find a therapist to walk alongside you through this time in your life! It’s not an easy thing to do; I honor your courage.

Before Beginning Services
If what you are reading here resonates, I encourage you to reach out via email or phone to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if we might be a good fit in working together. (NOTE: Please reach out! While I have limited availability for new clients at this time, I can also offer referrals, or I may have a spot have opened up.) The working relationship between therapist and client is one of the most important things in our work together. This 30-minute consultation allows us to meet, gives us a chance to see if we might work well together, and for you to ask questions that may be important to know answers to before diving in (such as my approach, your goals, appropriateness of services, and any financial concerns).

Engaging in Services
If you make the decision you would like to work with me, we will schedule an initial individual appointment time to discuss what has been going on, a brief history (mental and physical health, family, relationships), and your goals. This session will be guided by initial paperwork I will request you complete prior to your first session. We will also establish frequency and regular appointment times. Generally, this is once a week or every other week in the beginning.

At this time, I work only in individual sessions primarily via telehealth. Individual sessions involve talk therapy, where we explore what’s been going on and find tools to help you move toward actions aligned with your values and who you are and want to be. Some tools I use include exploring emotion both in thoughts and physical sensations, mindfulness, stress management, use of essential oils, and the interaction of thoughts/emotions/behaviors in our lives.

Ending Services
From the outset, I want you to know that I don’t see counseling as a “for the rest of your life” thing. Rather, I see counseling as something we may enter multiple times throughout our lives as things become overwhelming, difficult, or we need additional support on our journey. My intention is to help you reach your goals to a point where you are able to go live your life in the best way possible. We will establish how we might know that together.

My goal is that we reach your established goals and we determine together when to end services at this time. If, at any time during our work together, you feel it is no longer a good fit, I encourage us to have this conversation, even as challenging as it is. I will help you find other resources available that might be a better fit to reach your goals. I won’t take it personally; I would much rather help you find what you’re looking for. If my style doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! You get to choose that.

After we end services and you feel the need to return, barring any concerns and identifying that I am still an appropriate fit, you are welcome to return to services.

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